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Sponsoring a Best Smooth Jazz Show - not only helps keep BSJ on the air but also gives you a super platform to promote your business service, product or commercial-free project. Anyone can sponsor a single show or a series of BSJ shows.

You get promotion for your service or product as Rod Lucas tells his BSJ audience what you have to offer and how it can benefit people.

Your sponsored show not only gets played out on the BSJ.FM stream 24/7 (iTunes). BUT also on the BSJ podcast on iTunes - archived for 2 years and available to the public (on demand) worldwide - anytime.

Your sponsored show will also be seen on the Best Smooth Jazz TV where some BSJ shows attract over 360,000 viewers per show. So you get both sound and vision promotion in your BSJ sponsorship.

What You Get

Promotional announcements of what your business offers, how to buy from you and increased awareness. You don't need to be a business to sponsor a Best Smooth Jazz Show - if you're an individual, you can also help us stay on air by sponsoring a show. You can order at bottom of this page.

You get 4 promo announcements per hour. (Wording to be arranged)

We'll say something like "This is Best Smooth Jazz sponsored by" (Your name etc) ... your web address and company information. "They love BSJ and are happy to help us stay on air by sponsoring this hour"


"This is Best Smooth Jazz sponsored this hour by Karen and David Ray of California. They love BSJ and are happy to help us stay on air by sponsoring The Best Smooth Jazz"

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Wine of the week

Sponsor Angie Walker’s ‘Wine of the Week’ As a popular part of the show, Angie reviews some of the very best in new & established wines, if you want to sponsor 'Wine of The Week', use the order form on this page. Super for anyone associated with food, beverages, retail, leisure, travel etc.

BSJ Spot Drops

Alternatively try a BSJ 'Spot Drop' Rod Lucas will mention your business and what you do in 10 seconds. You pay per mention.

(This is not sponsorship of a whole program, it’s a 1 spot mention)